Innovative, Diplomatic, Independent.

Deyton Bell Global specialise in global commercial and economic development. With a long track record of delivery, we pride ourselves on being a trusted partner for our clients, focused on delivering excellence across a range of services used by public, private and not for profit organisations around the world. Our offer covers commercial, economic and partnership services and is tailored to the needs and objectives of our clients, yielding tangible results.

Our Commercial Services

  • Catalysing trade: helping your company to grow exports, to win new business, to define the best strategy and to get it right by being your team on the ground in-market.
  • Market analysis: considering key issues impacting your markets such as economic, political and commercial landscapes, potential appetite for your offer and competition.
  • Market entry: supporting your entry into markets, identifying key organisations to engage with to ease your entry, organising visit programmes and opening doors.
  • Strategy: working with your team or acting independently to help you consider and plan your international business development.
  • Supply chain: connecting you with potential suppliers, facilitators and collaborators who can support your market entry and ongoing growth.
  • Partnerships: Helping you identify/develop the right partners, exploring tactics for management of joint ventures, supporting negotiation of contracts and licensing deals.

Our Economic Support

  • Foreign Direct Investment: developing propositions, assessing competitors, identifying prospects, attracting interest, managing leads, growing the pipeline, helping companies explore locations, securing wins and supporting investors as they stay and thrive.
  • Export stimulation: developing exports by helping established domestic businesses to identify, explore and develop international opportunities while also supporting novice exporters to refine their activities, adding to the bottom line of the business and growing your economy.
  • Business support: tailoring solutions to meet the specific needs of your local economy across the full lifespan of businesses from enterprise stimulation, pre-start, set up and on to maturity.

Our Focus on Partnerships

  • Clusters: advising on the establishment and growth of member driven organisations across a range of sectors (including life sciences and technology) and in a global context where regional and national cluster development matters.
  • Collaborations: identifying the most appropriate relationships to help meet your objectives and grow your organisation.
  • Connectivity: being the linchpin to ensure that your international activity and endeavours are seamlessly joined up.
  • Networks: networking on your behalf plus identifying and working with the networks best suited to help drive your business growth.
  • Bilateral relationships: embracing a spirit of collaboration designed to create win/wins, and by working with mutual respect and recognition of key interests, we can be your trusted global partner.

Deyton Bell Global is a member of the Deyton Bell Group which also includes Deyton Bell Limited, the Regional Economic Alliance and the Enterprise Support Alliance.


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