• International business: Are we experiencing a new wave of international protectionism?

    If the answer to the question posed is ‘yes’, how damaging could it be for trading organisations and ultimately economies? And what should companies be doing about it to future-proof themselves?

  • Brexit effect: have you considered the impact?

    Having now completed a major commission to examine the effect of Brexit on local UK economies, we ask:
    How carefully have you considered the impact?

  • Why is Transatlantic Economic Development so important?

    In recent years Transatlantic Economic Development issues may have lost some prominence in favour of BRIC and other markets. We believe Transatlantic matters should be in the spotlight for economic development professionals, so we ask: Why is Transatlantic Economic Development so important?

  • Place-making: The next generation?

    How Government supports our local economies has once again come into sharper focus. Not a topic Government has grappled with effectively over the years, not least with multiple policy changes every few years. The next step could however be more challenging.

Company News

  • Deyton Bell launch Deyton Bell Global

    Deyton Bell, the Cambridge based economic and commercial development specialists, today announced the launch of an exciting new subsidiary business, Deyton Bell Global.