Brexit effect: have you considered the impact?

Having now completed a major commission to examine the effect of Brexit on local UK economies, we ask:
How carefully have you considered the impact?

Have you developed an action plan to provide evidence and informed commentary regarding future activities to further improve your local economy?

In particular we suggest you ask yourself if you have:

  • Considered the Brexit related factors relevant to the future economic success for your locality?
  • Considered what is currently known about the process towards (and beyond) Brexit and what this might mean for your local economy (both positive and negative impacts)?
  • Considered possible actions to maximise opportunities and mitigate risks that Brexit brings?
  • Considered different scenarios/alternatives for action as variable factors become clearer?
  • Considered Brexit related trade issues impacting business in your locality?
  • Considered Brexit related inward investment issues impacting business in your locality?
  • Assessed Brexit related product/service/finance implications for local business?
  • Examined the implications of Brexit for sectors/supply chains of current/future importance?
  • Scrutinised the current and future skills requirement of employers and the impact this may have locally upon college, university and employer delivered skills provision?
  • Considered developments in Transatlantic relations following last year’s US Presidential election and the effect that this may have?
  • Presented or debated an assessment of Brexit considerations for your local economy with Peers, Partners, Colleagues, Officers and Members?

Some people believe it is best to wait until all issues are finalised and Central Government has provided appropriate guidance and direction – we disagree! Business isn’t waiting, and as economic leaders in your locality, we suggest that you should not wait either. We believe that analysis of the facts, consideration of the issues, development of options and debate around local impact can and should take place now.

Deyton Bell have considerable experience, in depth knowledge, and a successful track record advising UK local Government on the issues involved. Please contact us if you would like to explore if we might be able to help you and your colleagues consider the issues, the risks, the opportunities and most importantly, how they can be appropriately addressed.